LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten München

The firm LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten was founded in May 1991 by Heiner Luz in Munich. He runs the company today as the owner-manager. Currently the company has 10 permanently employed graduate landscape architects. In addition, 1 - 2 trainees are hired regularly and the secretary’s office is open half-days. Long-standing employees have up to 20 years professional experience. These long-term staff-members generate a continuity that ensures particularly qualified project management and implementation. The experienced guidance and support thereby available to younger architects and trainees speaks for itself.

The focus of LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten München lies in the site planning of open spaces. Further services are provided in development planning. We also manage traffic infrastructure planning as well as projects for the public and private sector.

The inter-disciplinary cooperation with architects, urban planners and all specialists involved in a project is a part of the corporate philosophy at LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten München.

The company’s designs bear the signature of Heiner Luz. The projects are consistently handled by 1 - 2 members of staff until the planning phase is completed and are then passed on for the invitation to tender, contract award and construction supervision to the company’s experienced site managers. The latter are responsible for the project budgeting and thus are also part of the planning process. The constant exchange between planning and implementation distinguishes all projects through to completion.

Plantings are assigned special significance as a design element. This is also reflected in the numerous publications and lectures given by Heiner Luz in Germany and abroad.