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22nd of July 2014
Grand opening of the „Motorikgarten“ of the Integrierten Sozialpädiatrischen Zentrum (iSPZ) of the Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspitals in the presence of its patron, the president of the Bavarian parliament, Mrs Barbara Stamm.The project was financed entirely by donations.Those were procured by the HaunerVerein by the tireless commitment of Guggy Borgolte. “Chapeau! “ to Mrs Borgolte and the chairman of the HaunerVerein, Prof. Dr. Dieter Adam.

LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten was commissioned to design the garden areas of the children’s hospital in April 2012. After that first ideas were developed in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Florian Heinen, the medical director of the iSPZ, his colleagues and the therapists. “Garden rooms” on one side of the building and a “Garden space” on the other side create a sensual garden which extends the therapy rooms from inside the building into the external space.

At the suggestion of Prof. Dr. Heinen LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten has designed a therapy bench, which was detailed further in close cooperation with the Joiner’s Guild. All 13 benches were built by the Joiner’s Guild as a donation to the HaunerVerein. All trees, shrubs and perennials were donated by the Fielmann AG. The landscape gardeners company Schernthaner-Torwesten GmbH has carried out the landscape works and has donated parts of their work as personal contribution, just as the builder’s company Hau Bauunternehmen GmbH who donated the demolition and disposal of asbestos waste. The metal work was carried out by the locksmithery Glück/Schachtner Messing Metall Möbel.
LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten is also amongst the donors.

11th of July 2014
Heiner Luz was appointed permanently present expert adjudicator in the jury of the realization competition for the noise protection measure along the Dachauer Straße, which was set up by the GEWOFAG Holding GmbH.

4th of July 2014
Official start-up-meeting for the residential project of the housing society GWG in Pasing.

28th of June 2014
Seminar for the Master degree programme of the architecture faculty of the University of Sassari in Sardinia. Mentoring for the theme-block "Use of Vegetation".

16th – 18th of May 2014
Meeting of the board of trustees of the Karl-Foerster-foundation in the office of the board member Beate Zillmer in Uchte.

9th of May 2014
Heiner Luz was appointed to be an expert advisor in the jury for the two staged design competition FIZ FUTURE, which was set up by the BMW AG.

30th of April 2014
Grand opening of the State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten has designed the garden for the partner city Barnsley (GB). Additionally there was planned a shadow planting close to the minster.

8th of April 2014
Heiner Luz was appointed to be a juror for the realization competition for the residential area
in Munich Sendling, which was held by the Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Bayern.

24th – 26th of March 2014
Planting of the permanent grounds of the State Horticultural Show Oelsnitz 2015 (Saxony, Germany), which were planned by LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten in the “rail track gardens” and along the pond areas.

3rd of February 2014
Joint seminar with Professor Cassian Schmidt at the Institut „Fortbildung Bau“ of the chamber of architects of Baden-Württemberg.
Content of the seminar were "maintenance concepts and the tendering procedure for the use of perennials".

1st of January 2014
Corinna Tränkner was made permanent employee at LUZ Landschaftsarchitekten.
Bea, Steffi, Sylvia, Jan and Heiner would like to offer a warm welcome!

1st prize for the competition for the realization of a residential development of the GWG in Munich-Pasing with Grassinger Emrich Architects GmbH and delaossaarchitekten GmbH.

As a part of the development project “Central railway areas Munich” a new quarter is going to be established at the former cargo area east of the train station Pasing. It will contain 400 residencies, commercial as well as cultural and social facilities.

The layout of the proposed development forms generous and quiet courtyards. While the linear building is creating a closed frontage to the bypass “Nordumgehung Pasing” , each of the courtyard gardens is opening up between the stand-alone buildings towards the public green space in the South. The courtyard gardens are to be used communally; each two of them are linked by a small square.

Part of the competition is a section of the promenade which is coming from the train station Pasing. Plant beds which are placed as “slabs” in the surface organize the promenade and create usable “stepping stones” between the green spaces of the residencies and the adjacent central public green space of the quarter south of the development.

March 2012
Lecture about the Planting Design in the “Riemer Park” Munich
at the Jianzhu University, Shenyang
(School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Landscape Branch of Liaoning Civil Engineering and Architectural Society)

Dezember 2011
New Adress, Office:
Romanstraße 74
80639 München

Dezember 2011
Heiner Luz is a member of the "Deutschen Werkbund"

October 2011
Urban design competition
"Krankenhausstraße" Markt Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Runner up 2nd place with
Bembe Dellinger Architects

August 2011
Competition of the realisation of a double sports hall Wörth an der Donau
3rd place with
Wöhr Heugenhauser Architects

May 2011
Runner up 2nd place at the idea competition “New Landscape” for designing outdoor facilities for the Mc Donald’s Restaurants in Germany.

April 2011
The roof greening of the Abstatt Development Centre of the Robert Bosch GmbH was awarded second place in the Green Roof 2011 section.

April 2010 – March 2011
Heiner Luz takes over the interim Professorship in the fields of Teaching and Research for plant usage at the Institute of Landscape Architecture TU Dresden.

Febuary 2010
Heiner Luz is called upon the board of trustees of the Karl-Foerster-Stiftung.





"Garten der Sinne / Motorikgarten"

WBW GWG Pasing_Blick entlang Nordumgehung Pasing
Pasing - view along the bypass

Perspektiven: @delaossaarchitekten,Grassinger Emrich Architekten, Luz Landschaftsarchitekten

WBW GWG Pasing_Blick entlang der Promenade
Pasing - view along the promenade

WBW GWG Pasing_Lageplan
Pasing - plan view: @delaossaarchitekten,Grassinger Emrich Architekten, Luz Landschaftsarchitekten

Jianzhu University, Shenyang



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